Press Releases


10-27-15 Teamster Pilots at RJET Approve 3 Yr Contract

09-28-15 TA Announcement

09-02-15 Statement on Negotiations

07-09-15 Teamsters Local 357 Files Lawsuit Against RJET

06-09-15 Teamster Pilots to Rally at RJET Shareholders Meeting

04-23-14 Teamsters, Other Unions Pledge Support to Regional Pilots

04-04-14 Republic Airways Pilots Reject Contract

02-14-14 Republic Air/Union Reach Agreement

02-12-14 - Pilots Say Pay/QOL to Blame for Pilot Shortage

10-24-13 Teamsters, RAH Reps Resume Negotiations

10-15-13 APA Expresses Support, Vows Close Cooperation

10-08-13 No Confidence in RAH COO/Sr. Mgmt

10-01-13 Indigo-Republic Negotiate Frontier Sale With Wrong Union

05-22-13 RAH Pilots Take Contract Fight Public

08-01-12 RAH Shareholders Send Message To Board With Vote On Teamster Proposal

07-02-12 IBT Requests End to Mediation for RAH Pilot Negotiations