About Local 357

Teamsters Local Union 357 welcomes you. Our mission is to protect and enhance the careers of our members. We do this through four means: contract negotiations, contract administration, career preservation services, and public advocacy.

History of Local 357

Teamsters Local Union 357 was chartered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on July 1, 2010 for the purpose of providing representation, assistance, and security for flightdeck crewmembers employed by Republic Airline. The Local is headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana, and represents over 2,000 crewmembers, based in cities across the United States.

How Local 357 Evolved

Teamsters Local Union 747 was chartered by the IBT in September 1995 for the purpose of providing representation, assistance, and security for flightdeck crewmembers employed by sectors of the air transport industry, especially in the areas of air freight, regionals, supplemental and fractional ownership organizations. The Local was headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, until April 2002 when it relocated to Houston, Texas. Local 747 grew to represent over 4,000 crewmembers at 13 carriers.  The members were a diverse group of aviators.  Most were airline pilots, but many were professional flight engineers. Each group was known as a bargaining unit. There were thirteen such units represented by Local 747, including:

Local 357 was chartered in July 2010 for the purpose of solely focusing on airlines owned by Republic Airline.

Local 357 Members

Our members are a diverse group of aviators who fly regional, express, and charter flights for Republic Airline and their codeshare partners (United, Delta, American, USAirways) under the Republic Airline brand.  

On October 4, 2010, IBT Local 357 filed for single carrier status to integrate three other airlines (Frontier, Midwest and Lynx Airlines) into our seniority list, which is required by the scope language in our collective bargaining agreement, as they were all acquired by Republic Airways, Inc.  Although Frontier Airlines was sold to Indigo Partners in December 2012, IBT Local No. 357 remained the legal collective bargaining representative for Frontier pilots until June 2014.

Negotiations on an amended contract (our contracts do not expire under the Railway Labor Act; they become amendable) began in December 2010.  The negotiations process lasted almost 5 years - longer than the length of time we operated under our 2003 CBA. The final tentative agreement was announced on September 28, 2016. Ratification vote results were announced on October 27; the 3-year contract was signed and became effective on October 29.