IBT Drive Program

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D.R.I.V.E. -- Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education -- was developed because union dues, by law, cannot be contributed to political candidates.

Officially launched in 1960, D.R.I.V.E. has two main objectives:

·         To elect candidates to public office who are friendly to the interests of Teamster members;

·         To assist in the passage or defeat of legislation of special concern to Teamster families.

DRIVE contributions support grassroots action by Teamster families to stand up to Big Business interests and help elect political candidates who care about working people.

Contributions to DRIVE support a wide range of Teamster activities:

Keeping members and their families informed on the key issues that affect our future, including voter guides that show the records of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

·         Rallies, news conferences, advertisements, and phone banks to build support on issues of concern to working people.

·         Voter registration and financial support for political candidates who will stand up for working families.

DRIVE is non-partisan and independent from any political party.

Local 357 does not offer a check-off for DRIVE contributions.  However, you can donate directly to the program by sending a check or money order to:



P.O. Box 758637

Baltimore, MD 21275