New Hire Class Information

At some point during your training, a Union representative will visit your class or host a gathering/informational meeting to tell you more about your Union and to give you important paperwork.  

It is important that you make every effort to attend this meeting and get the materials you need as there are several forms which must be completed in a timely fashion.  Membership and dues check-off forms should be returned to the Union representative during the meeting.  Loss of Medical insurance forms should be emailed to the address on the form as soon as possible.

If you have missed your Union meeting, please contact the Union Hall at 317-644-1405 ext. 7260 to request a new hire packet.  

The majority of Union news is transmitted electronically.  Please click create a user profile on the website.  You will not be able to access the member portion of the website, however, until we have your membership paperwork and dues-check-off form (or initiation fee if not electing for dues check-off) at the Union Hall.  

We need time to set up your membership account and establish dues check-off with the company.  If your paperwork is late and dues check-off cannot be established on time, you will need to make arrangements with the Membership and Dues coordinator to pay your initiation fee and any missed dues until dues check-off can be established.  

Although the Local will attempt to contact you if your paperwork is missing, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that paperwork is submitted on time and that dues are taken out accordingly.  You will be responsible for any back dues, assessments and fees owed to the Local.

Your dues obligation begins the month following 90 days after your class begins.  For example, if your class begins in March, your dues obligation begins in July.  Initiation fees are deducted 1/2 in the first month and 1/2 in the second month. Using the March example again, you would pay dues, assessments and 1/2 of your initiation fee in July and the same in August. For information on your dues obligation, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the event that your employment with Republic Airways Holdings is terminated during training, website access will disabled.

More information on membership and dues as well as other helpful new hire information is available in the new hire packet or on the website after your website access has been approved.  Please register for the website now if you have not already done so.